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Hello Scarborough

Asteria is bespoke spa in Scarborough, Maine servicing an incredible following in the greater Portland area. From Yarmouth to Portland to Biddeford, clients have somehow found their way here, and are cherished. They have a lot of options, and so do you. 


Here you will find a variety of facial services, simplified. I take a blended clinical and spa-like pampering approach to your skincare goals in the time you select. There is always a crafted seasonal facial offer, an express half hour facial, or dermaplaning offering. Or, you can book a 75minute or 90minute facial for the full nurturing experience and add on derma planing or full-body lymphatic dry brush treatment. I have a specialty in skin sensitivity and can work with clients whose skin is compromised by oncology treatments or other illnesses.


I have a long standing waxing client base as well, and can help those who have concerns regarding skin sensitivity and getting back in the game. I use both hard and soft wax, depending on service and pay very close attention to detail. I will make this experience as painless and comfortable for you as possible. 


Lash lifting and tinting offers a more natural, everyday look for lash enhancement. Brow tinting and shaping can make a big differencing, without the commitment of microblading. 


And of course, Reiki and general energy clearing and rebalancing are integrated in the 75minute and 90minute facials with your consent. Reiki is also a great stand-alone treatment for wellbeing and on-going alternative support for the mind-body-spirit connection. 


All About Me

My background consists of nearly 20 years in the skincare and beauty industry. I was licensed in Arizona in 2014 and had a practice in Scottsdale before returning to native New England. While attending college in Boston studying business and energy therapies, I worked for Bare Minerals and Sephora's private label at the Prudential Center. 


My education in aesthetics was not lacking. The Institute for Natural Aesthetics in Tempe, Arizona is a recognized top-tier institution in the Mecca of the skincare industry. I chose to niche in a cleaner, more holistically based approach to skincare and cosmeceuticals. I am consistently pursuing certifications and trainings for professional development, whether annually at the New York or West Palm trade shows or international offerings. Advanced technology is also on offer and clinically recognized results are absolutely part of each and every skincare service and product line. Please reach out to me with any questions, if I am not able to help, I have a professional and supportive relationships with other clinicians and practices to make referrals I will stand behind. Thank you for your interest and hope to see you in the treatment room soon!

Community Support

Asteria would like to acknowledge the organizations we believe are thriving for our community's benefit, and to whom we support through donation or sponsorship:

Palaver Strings

Woodford Family Services

The Center for Grieving Children

The Dempsey Center

The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital





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